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Precautions for non-stretch denim fabric
2021-09-24 14:09:03xinlan

The ready-to-wear and other products made of non-stretch denim fabrics are very popular with us. The use of different products is also very extensive. The washing of non-stretch denim fabrics is an annoying problem, many Everyone knows that denim fabrics are easy to fade. Denim manufacturers tell you to pay special attention when washing.

Knitted non-stretch denim fabric is a brand-new denim product developed by integrating the strengths of knitting and denim. Knitted denim fabric should have the basic characteristics of yarn dyeing with indigo and good washing effect.

When cutting the non-stretch denim fabric, it is necessary to distinguish the horizontal and vertical directions. Generally, the vertical direction refers to the direction of the stitches of the knitted denim fabric. Prevent mistakes.

Like general elastic denim, it cannot be treated with long-term high temperature and long-term strong acid and alkali to avoid damage to elasticity.

Because knitted denim is more elastic and softer than ordinary denim, the method of knitting garments should be used when turning. If the garment factory that is accustomed to turning ordinary denim recommends adjusting the bottom plate, the bottom plate can be changed to automatic cloth feeding. The needles should be fine-gauge needles, the sewing machine should be more careful, and so on.

Non-stretch denim fabrics should be cut first and then washed according to the quality of the car system. The number of machines should not be too many. During the washing process, especially the manual process, do not break the denim yarn , Advocating not to do ragged treatment.

Knitted fabrics have large elasticity and are easy to deform. Small tension should be used when pulling the pieces. Do not pull the cloth edges excessively, which will easily cause hemming, curling and ruffles.

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