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What should I pay attention to when cleaning denim?
2021-09-24 14:09:03xinlan

Jeans are popular among people nowadays because they are casual and versatile. People of all ages like denim clothes and trousers very much. Jeans is now a primary denim fabric garment, and we still wear more in our daily life. When cleaning jeans, in order to avoid the appearance of jeans fading, we usually have to pay attention to some related matters. In the following, we will also give us some more specific related introductions. Welcome to come and understand.

1. When washing jeans, soak them in salt water (the salt water is thicker) for a period of time and then wash them without fading; washing jeans as far as possible without detergent, detergent will accelerate the fading.

2. Do not expose your jeans to the sun. Exposure to the sun will harden your pants. Drying in the shade will help you stick to the shape of your pants. Turn your trousers over when you are drying your clothes to prevent your trousers from fading when the sun is shining.

3. From the point of view of hygiene, trousers must of course be washed every day. If it is not dirty, soak it with water to wash away the dust and bacteria, no detergent is needed.

The sewing method of high-quality knitted denim fabrics is to use double stitching, because the knitted denim fabrics sewn by this method are stronger and will not easily appear seam.

When cleaning the jeans, we must pay attention to the above matters. I believe that we can get some relevant understanding after reading the article. So have we all learned how to clean jeans now? Our company has produced denim fabrics for many years, and the denim fabrics produced are very guaranteed in quality, and they are less prone to fading.