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The general production process of denim
2021-09-24 14:09:03xinlan

Raw yarn (rotor yarn) (warp yarn-winding-warping-indigo dyeing and sizing)-machine-strengthening-singeing-sizing-skew (weft straightening)-shrink-proof packing-drying and shaping-finished product

(1) Yarn fixed twist:

 In denim production, the warp and weft yarns, especially when the rotor yarn with larger twist is used as warp and weft yarns, should be wetted and heated to stabilize the twist.

Intent: It is for the smooth progress of warping, dyeing and sizing processes, and to reduce the phenomenon of weaving, weft shrinkage and looping during weaving, and to improve the quality of the fabric.

 Requirements: Increase the tension, apply moisture, heat and other methods to stabilize the twist of the yarn, and a reasonable moisture regain rate of 8%-9%

 (2) The meaning of yarn winding for denim

 (1) Change the package form

(2) Eliminate yarn defects and remove harmful defects on the original yarn in the winding

(3) Improve yarn tension

(4) Reduce the cone yarn

 (3) Warping

 1. The primary intention is to make the tension, placement and winding of the yarn sheet or rope bundle uniform, and to wind a certain number of cheeses on the warp beam or special-made yarn with uniform tension and regular length. On the ball axis, prepare for the next dyeing and sizing process.

 2. The first is the 1452A or GAI2I batch warping machine, which can meet the quality requirements when used in the dyeing and slurry production line.

 Dyeing and finishing process of denim

 The manufacturing process of denim is unique. It is a product made by dyeing and sizing the warp yarn with indigo, and then weaving it.

 1. Dyeing and sizing

 There are three types of indigo dyeing of denim warp yarn: rope dyeing, flake dyeing and suspension dyeing. The first two are connected with sizing, and the latter is sizing after dyeing.

 (1) Rope dyeing

 (Ring spun yarn) interspersed winding-(rotor yarn) warping-rope frame-indigo continuous rope dyeing-long chain shaft warp-sizing-weaving-fabric inspection-post-processing-pre-shrinking

(2) Dyeing and sizing of flake yarn

 (Ring yarn) interspersed winding-(rotor yarn) warping-indigo dyeing of each sizing-weaving-cloth inspection-singeing-post-treatment-pre-shrinking

 (3) Suspended dyeing

 This method uses a dyeing tank, and the warp yarns are dyed repeatedly in this tank until it reaches the depth and stops. The process of dyeing and sizing is:

 Warp yarn feeding-alkaline cooking (or wetting)-washing-indigo dyeing-ventilation oxidation (indigo dyeing)-ventilation oxidation process cycle for six times-washing four times-drying-yarn storage-sizing-drying-upper shaft

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